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There are many reasons one may need a land survey:

Before purchasing land, so that you have legal proof that what you think you’re buying is what you’re buying;
Before building a fence around your property, so you can determine exactly where it will go;
If you are selling your property, having a recent survey on file will make the land more attractive to prospective buyers;
Before building any new structures on a property. Surveys will be able to tell you where your property lines lie. They will also determine whether the new structure is complying with zoning and neighborhood regulations;
If your neighbor stars building anything new and you suspect they may be encroaching on your property;
Before establishing a land easement, so that you can be sure you and each involved party knows what the easement entails. Title surveys will also show any existing easements.
Professional surveys are the only legally binding documents that show where your property begins and ends. Because of this, they can be the deciding factor in property disputes and are crucial when purchasing and developing land.
G2 Surveys assist clients with Land surveys, Engineering surveys, topographical surveys and drone surveys. Our surveyors is qualified and professional.